Text chapter 26 white prince..

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Text chapter 26 white prince..

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Text chapter 26 white prince
adidas water grip Click! A fully's the size of a fist of desert scorpion was "big crane fairy" sand from theplane out, a mouth pecked the death, threw the fire burned out of villager, stink. "Cranes fairy" play get not as well joy, kept in a desert dig it out of a plane, and a big scorpions, peck after death it to fire inside. The desert scorpion big and evil, to the night will come out activities, learn from dew, prey, very malicious in the desert, a man was bitten couldn't live. But this group of soft edges of the door on disciple, and drive off the worm, cassock scorpion centipede ants were mosquitoes and avoid, poison is don't care about these little trouble.
Party reveals move,
nike gladiator sandals but the '" yuan Calvin spirit of art "magical function. Since yesterday "yuan Calvin spirit of uniting the technology", he thought this after the practice of the real way, open the door of the powers of the key. Now, as long as one time, he always consider not in mind, consider one of the mystery of his body, and familiar with all parts of the rhythm of the structure. Cultivation to the border of the channel, keep spirit, intestines, bone marrow, reality, such as palm view lines. Now party cold although not do this, but also feel the cultivation, the body more and more clearly, like crystal is clean, and transparent up general.
nike gladiator sandals The only see clearly, is their brain, is still hazy darkness, the brain is a closed the door of powers, not each other cold open; he refuses to let the party, releasing a well-resourced open mana. LiuKang, red satisfying princess also sitting cross legs, don't know in the practice, a spirit, in what the qi and practice. The desert sands although a shortage of water, but they all have "clean clothes symbol" "true water sign" at any time, can complement body moisture, clean body uncleanness, and kept clean, in poor conditions, and unbounded.
buy shoes supra Without these of religious help, even god changed the ace of state, in a desert stay for a long time, also want to weak unbearable. From the door to all students, to be all quiet, each are done each thing, and no conversation, the atmosphere very quiet, as if the storm comes before that the ice. Breeze blow to the fire, blare a Zhi wind. Ao, whoa, whoa The distance from the sand dunes in, cruel, fox, the cry of the Wolf, like beasts, screaming month melancholy glove. "What is that?" Hear the cry, party cold heart puzzling feel a burst of and terror, open eyes, but now the first ten "list" sunvo company of the empty stand up sword, the mo the teacher elder sister also stand up, a few interior door disciple also stand up.
supra skytop iii The three men greatness dynasty two female also stood up. LiuKang, red satisfying princess also stand up. Many cranes are fly in the sky, even the crane fairy "also blunt clouds, the" beast "brand came the sound of her voice on:" the cold, surrounded by the enemy, very terrorist, I came up to fly to the sky escape." Crane is, after all, were surprised, crane immediately you will fly up to the sky, will not like people's calm, also won't accompany the group of disciples peril to die. "The enemy?" The party also stood up, and I see the distance, figure ZhuangZhuang, waves TiSheng rang. In the distance, the sand dunes in figure such as general poured over, the murderous look.
supra shoes The spirit in above eyes filled, and I see the tide of general coming, all dressed in scales, mounted on camels, carrying a huge machete sand bandits, back with arrows, hundreds of thousands of bow, all directions to encirclement. The camels, all white hair, such as fly to run in the desert "white dragon camels", could be compared to the splendid steed, blast force, degrees, fast, people on the camel, as did a canoe. "This is the legendary sand bandits?" Party cold pour heard of sand bandits, is a desert vicious brutality, and eat flesh, and drink blood of gangsters, specialized business, even rob past harassment, especially like the child to the border with stone dilly into plasma, brewing wine grapes blood.
buy supra shoes Now, this group of the sudden emergence of sand on the shares of robbers, fierce evil spirit of the gas, like hell, the devil, and indeed is very fierce. "What is that?" In this group of sand among men, party saw some head cold long turn, whole body scale, and provided the door "divine power puppet" exactly the same as the people. This obviously, Paris is, live in deep underground in the world of the people. Luckily, thanks to the door when the disciple introduction from, assessment is to cut the head of the people killed. Otherwise, suddenly meet these demons, as long as it is normal people, psychological will have fear.
cheap supra shoes SouSou shoop, shoop SouSou!!!!! The deluge of the arrows, which, like locusts rush toward to come over, general the arrow drilled force is extremely strong, seem to want all the people tore body. This group of sand bandits, incredibly in five hundred feet away, with stops down before the arrows of dense, blots out the shoot to kill! Thanks to the flying crane fly quickly, otherwise facing this shot, must not injured. The moon! The desert!
Sand bandits!!!!! The arrows!!!!! Constitute a dangerous, * *, and breathtaking desert wild pictures. "Damn!"
supra shoes FangHanQiang once, pulled out the "behead blade," dance became a sword flower, hold his face, such as the crucial position shot over arrows... Case fly. Have a lot of arrows into his cassock, are... Play the open, penetrate in. Provided the door is five kinds of silkworm spirit habits of woven silk, above is also clearly have the power, ordinary cannot penetrate the spear, the arrows although formidable, but he can't shoot through cassock. But arrows strong penetration strength, still makes his sole was painful, and if he hadn't reached the extraordinarily brave state, skin lining, practiced a thick layer of meat membrane, can offset clash, now it's definitely a body to suffer.
michael jordan shoes "Let's together!" "Red", LiuKang satisfying princess face the arrows of shooting, immediately and party back-to-back together, sword cold light every now and then, malicious block the arrows, especially red satisfying princess jianfa, even the air of the mosquitoes were can cut off their wings, and has covered most of the identity cassock, block the key part of the arrows, but not in words. "Hum!!!!!!!!!! A help worm is advocate come out!" Suddenly, a flash of lightning like pure mans, foaming at the mouth, the empty wander, immediately with full of empty the arrows had been erased. Hundreds of steps away, "white dragon camels"
christian louboutin men on the sand with machetes, article by the robbers lightning like a crystal mans Saul, on the scales in in succession, then the upper part of the broken all be broken, the internal organs, the blood flow to the intestines. * * rises suddenly. PuChi PuChi PuChi!!!!! Dozens of sand bandits, have been cut, falling down a camel. "The mouth fly sword so imposing manner than the sword spirit!!!!!!!!!! It is better to severe the sword, means is really empty relentless! I am not his opponent, but if the Jiao v nether world figure" can be charged him with action, the mouth, I'd fly sword have a chance against him. But he is provided the important people, door as long as he does not deal with me, I also have no need to provoke him, but the heart of the people, do not be a long a heart, isn't a bad thing."
Party in done upon privately. "Ha ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha! Not the kui is a door the door from disciple, one of the ten greatest superior list of sunvo company of the sword ', 'Air jordan shoes empty a sword, but the measures in one thousand, mixed blood measures ten fire red copper refined into the superior spirit, only poor little, can arrive at the border of the vessels, with the mouth, you don't know that measures the sword to kill me the world of mortals the Pope disciple, today I have how much until you enter the vast desert." Just then a voice cried, and up the. With the sound of the long, is a pink freakish affair, the light scatter the be bored with swords, the breath of powder with a shock, direct caught the original sword empty "sword" measures.
Radii shoes Two fly sword, in the sky, as if by a collision of powder, a silver dragon dragon, mutual bite, wild JianQi out. Then, two fly sword, all shrank back. Seems to be each have scruples. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of sand bandits, general spread all around, sand formed a snakes contingents, a man in a pink dress, freakish affair, very young people from sand slowly walked up. "The world of mortals the Pope!!!!!!!!!!" red pink prince The original sword see the pink young people a empty appear, with a look of the teacher elder sister, mo several interior door disciple also dignified up, party the feeling of cold obvious repressed atmosphere.


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